I want to HEAL THE WORLD WITH LOVE and I need your help!

I’m Kimi Avary, Relationship Navigation Specialist. You probably know that I’m committed to helping people create GREAT Relationships.

But did you know that I could USE YOUR HELP to do it right?!

I want to see love blossom and THRIVE in the lived experiences of 10,000 relationships by 2030 and YOU HAVE THE POWER to help me do it starting right now!

I LOVE love. I’m all about Love. I traffic in it. I traffic in it because I have seen the effects of what LOVE actualized in peoples lives does for them.

It helps them bring forth their best selves so that they can be creative and they can thrive.

I call myself a Relationship Navigation Specialist because I teach men and women how to navigate their intimate relationships gracefully so that they can revel in the joyous, loving and creative lives that they deserve.

I meet people where they’re at – single, partnered, straight, gay, personal & professional – because what I teach impacts all relationships.

If you are tired of watching relationships fall apart…

If you would like to see people benefit from the life-changing tools that create great relationships…

If you would like to Join the Movement to Heal the way Men and Women Relate to each other & Create Safe Loving Relationships Where Everyone Wins! Children, families, communities and the world…

Please consider joining my Share the Love™ Referral Program right now.

The Share the Love™ Commission Program

Allows you to promote my work to your email and social media lists, and earn commissions on the subsequent investment(s) your contacts make.

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The Share the Love™ Love Bucks™ Program

A way for you to recommend my workshops and programs to your friends, family or contacts on a smaller scale & accumulate value points that are redeemable against coaching programs and/or workshops that I offer for yourself, as a gift or for the Share the Love Scholarship Program.

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How to Join Share the Love™

Just pick the program that best fits for you from above choices & click the corresponding link.

You will then be taken to another page that provides more program detail and includes a  Signup Form.

Just fill the Signup Form, click submit, follow the instructions that come next and you will be all set.

Thank you for your support helping me reach the people who need support in creating loving relationships where everyone thrives!

In gratitude,

Kimi 🙂

*Please Note: Our system is set up to handle one or the other – not both. If for some reason, you would like to participate in both programs, please contact me and we can probably set something up to accommodate.