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Moving from Stuck in Emotional Pain to Healing Your Heart Once and For All

Pain in our bodies is usually there to tell us something. It’s a messenger.

If your ankle hurts after a fall, you’ve likely sprained it. Chronic heartburn could be an indication of a hernia. A migraine after a long day might be the result of tension.

You could pop an Advil for the ankle or the headache, and take some Mylanta for the sour stomach.

And you’d probably get some immediate relief.

But you’d only be addressing the symptoms. Unless you treat the root cause (get off the ankle, fix the hernia, or lower your stress levels), you’ll keep experiencing the same pain.

Not only that, but the pain can escalate in intensity.

Emotional pain in our hearts – and the way we often respond to it – works the same way.

How We Stay Stuck In Emotional Pain

When you feel under-appreciated, dissatisfied, frustrated, abandoned, or criticized in your relationship, you want to make the emotional pain go away.

And if you’re like the many men and women I have worked with, here’s what you’re most likely to do:

Unhappy couple

  • Fight with your partner
  • Withdraw from your partner
  • Leave your partner altogether

Yet, in each of these scenarios, you’ve only treated the “symptoms.”

Unless you uncover and dissolve the underlying cause of your pain, you will continue to hurt in love.

Pain in our hearts – the natural grief and other emotions that all humans feel – is a messenger too!

When you feel emotional pain in response to what your date or partner did – or didn’t do – that’s your inner compass telling you that there’s something that needs to be healed on the inside.

  • If you keep experiencing the pain of people leaving you, there is an underlying cause.
  • If you always feel like you’re the one giving in your relationship, there is an underlying cause.
  • If you feel like your partner isn’t sufficiently attracted to you, there is an underlying cause.

And you will keep attracting people and situations that trigger your emotional pain – whatever it is.

Heal Your Heart Once And For All

Just as physical pain resolves once you treat the underlying condition, your emotional pain will also stop once you treat the root causes…

  • That fight you keep having over and over with your partner will stop.
  • Those players you keep attracting will leave you alone.
  • That ache of dissatisfaction you feel in a relationship will vanish.

But recognizing where the challenges stem from can be tricky. After all, they’ve been with you for most of your life.

I’m a specialist in helping people tap into the root causes of their relationship pain.

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To Love!

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