Did you know that you can be the spiritual person in the world and still get tripped up in your relationship?

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It’s true. Our instinctual nature, when hidden in the background of the unconscious mind, gets in the way of the most conscious intentions if you don’t know how it works…

It’s not your fault. You’ve never been taught the critical ingredients for relationship success. You’ve never learned how the differences between men and women can turn relationships into disasters…

You see it all the time…

Relationship Stress Harms Your HealthA man can say one magic phrase, “I really care about you.” It means everything to him, but it means something entirely different to a woman.

She doesn’t get that he’s telling her he’s “in,” that he loves her, and she hears it as though he’s letting her down gently, the way she would if she’d said it. So she moves on, and he’s devastated…

A woman wants to get married now, and he’s not ready yet.

So she dumps a perfectly good man who loves her and is getting his life in order so he can take on the commitment of being a husband and a father…

A couple walks down the aisle, says “I do,” and the next thing you know they’re filing for divorce, sure that they’ve made a terrible mistake.

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In the process of breakup or divorce, they’re right that they’ve made a mistake, but it’s not the one they’re thinking of…

They may not have made a mistake in their choice of partner…

They may have just made the mistake of assuming that because they are in “love,” they could fly by the seat of their pants…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

The truth is that men and women get into trouble by making assumptions about each other.

One huge assumption we make about each other is that men and women think alike and should behave the same.

For example: Men have trouble knowing what women need, because women have a hard time expressing what they need in a way that men can hear.

Women expect men to intuit their needs and just know what to do, when in reality, men don’t have that superpower…

Couples argue over when to talk, how to talk, and how to listen.

The Relationship Navitation SystemHurt feelings and misunderstandings abound over how to spend money, what it means to be safe, how much sex to have, and how to express appreciation.

Couples question who’s in charge, who’s in control, and who is accountable for what in their relationship.

Much of this is driven by instinct, and unless you understand it, you’re likely to get it wrong.

Did you know that men and women are so different that we’d be better off if we actually spoke different languages, because then we wouldn’t think we were communicating???

That’s why everything I do is designed to help you to understand the instinctual differences between men and women so that you can successfully navigate those differences and create a partnership based on a strong foundation where love can flourish.

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