Ready to Make 2020 the Year You Said Goodbye to Struggles and Heartbreak?

Have you ever wondered what it would it be like if your relationship experience was entered into consciously and intentionally…

With each moment giving you an opportunity to choose how to participate in each experience… Instead of being controlled by unconscious triggers and past hurts that crop up to create conflicts and misunderstandings that erode the love you have…

Relationship Navigation Topics
The 3-Month Relationship Navigation Intensive Program covers 12 CRITICAL TOPICS that will make or break your relationship success.

Relationships are (not) hard

If you have ever struggled in your relationship – or struggled to find your life mate – you know that there can be huge discrepancies between what you want and what you get, between the love you feel for your partner and the feelings you feel in moments of conflict, misunderstanding, and failing to get your needs satisfied…

But what if I told you there are easy ways to get your needs met in your relationship? What if I told you that men and women are so different that we would be better off if we spoke different languages because then we wouldn’t think we were communicating?!

You’ve got this. It’s a language! Which means it’s learnable, right?

The truth is that men and women get into trouble by making assumptions about each other. One huge assumption we make about each other is that men and women think alike and should behave the same.

For example: Men have trouble knowing what women need, because women have a hard time expressing what they need in a way that men can hear. Women expect men to intuit their needs and just know what to do, when in reality, men don’t have that superpower.

Couples argue over when to talk, how to talk, and how to listen.

Hurt feelings and misunderstandings abound over how to spend money, what it means to be safe, how much sex to have, and how to express appreciation.

Couples question who’s in charge, who’s in control, and who is accountable for what in their relationship.

Much of this is driven by instinct, and unless you understand it, you’re likely to get it wrong.

If you are tired of getting it wrong, my 3-Month Relationship Navigation Intensive Program is devoted to overwriting your relationship instincts…

It’s designed to share critical tools that will teach you how to consciously navigate your relationship so that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO EXPERIENCE THE RELATIONSHIP YOU WANT instead of settling for less than you deserve…

Starts 2/26/20Over the course of the program, you will…

  • See your relationship experience with fresh eyes
  • Begin appreciating your partner as a unique individual
  • Heal past hurts that have been keeping you stuck in old patterns
  • Begin integrating keys to the foundation of a healthy relationship right away

We will focus on what goes wrong in our interactions with one another and What We Can Do to Make it Right to start relating effectively as strong, powerful, co-creative partners in our relationship!

You will learn:

  • What makes us upset in communicating with one another
  • Why nobody is in trouble (even when it feels otherwise!)
  • How to get your needs met and make winning deals with your partner

Furthermore, if past hurts and frustrations are haunting you, you don’t have room to be present with yourself to create the relationship you desire.

Over the course of our three months together, we will work to tease out and consciously clear these past hurts so that you can feel light and enlivened and open to put your relationship navigation learning into action and open the doors for the Lifetime of Love that you deserve.

What You Get

The 3-Month Relationship Navigation Intensive Program includes the following components:

  • Weekly LIVE Mentoring Calls covering 12 make-or-break topics that when applied, will open up a whole new world of connection and mutual understanding between you and your partner or would-be partner
  • 24-hour Private Access to the Relationship Navigation Intensive Membership Site that will include downloadable audio recordings of the content, uploaded video recordings of Live Mentoring Calls, along with supplemental study materials designed to help you apply what you are learning
  • Special BONUS CALL on the topic of Radical Love
  • Graduation Certificate Celebrating Your Accomplishment after the Relationship Navigation Intensive is over, and you’ve completed all the topics!

How It Works

Each Weekly LIVE Mentoring Call spends about 20 minutes or so covering content, and 50+ minutes covering your questions. The small group mentoring nature of these calls is fantastic because not only will you get more individual time from me, you will benefit from the questions and experiences of others participating on the calls.

Upon enrollment, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. Please don’t forget this step! as it will speed up the process, and help make sure you receive program emails from me (please check your spam/junk folder if you don’t see anything in your inbox).

Next, you will receive an enrollment confirmation email, followed by a second email from the Membership Site that provides you with your unique login credentials that you may use right away to familiarize yourself with the portal organization and sneak peak supplemental materials for the first handful of topics (the remainder will release after the first few calls).

Finally, you will receive reminder and follow-up emails before and after the LIVE WEEKLY mentoring calls over the next three months.

What You Will Need to Do to get the most out of it

UPDATE ME. You will receive a Survey Monkey link for every topic asking a few questions about your questions, how you are applying the material, and how things are going for you. Please take a few minutes to fill them out. They will help me understand your situation better so that I can support you during the calls.

CALL-IN WEEKLY. The Relationship Navigation material builds upon itself so that missing calls may negatively affect your ability to get the most out of the program.

BE PREPARED TO PARTICIPATE. The calls are Live so that I can give you encouragement, support, clarification and new information as you apply the material to your own unique situation. The small group structure of these calls is designed to engender a safe environment for sharing and virtually guarantees that I will be calling on you when Q&A time comes… 🙂

IF YOU HAVE A SCHEDULING CONFLICT, email me your questions 24 hours before call-time so that I can make sure to answer your questions during the call (video recordings will be posted within 24-48 hours).

DO YOUR HOMEWORK. The Membership Site is filled with topic-by-topic overviews and worksheets designed to further clarify the content and help you apply it to your own unique situation. Download them, work through them, download the supplemental .mp3 audio files and re-listen to topics on-the-go to jog your memory and help deepen your mastery of the material.

COMMENT ON THE MEMBERSHIP SITE. If you have questions or insights about the material, posting a comment on the Membership Site would be fantastic because comments help build a sense of community and others are blessed by the knowledge that they’re not alone. We all struggle in our relationship(s) in one way or another every single day and what matters is how we recover from the struggles, what we learn, and how we apply that new knowledge in a conscious way to deepen our intimacy and connection and love – with ourselves and with one another.

The 12 Make-or-Break Topics to Relationship Success that we will be covering

  1. Instinct and Spirit: Being at Choice – I define instinct as our hard-wired, default mode and Spirit as about being at Choice. Learn to discern between the two and stop getting tripped up in creating love.
  2. Masculine and Feminine Energy: Their Impact – Get clarity about the masculine and feminine instincts driving us. Arrive in the partnership we truly desire by understanding what is happening between men and women.
  3. Commitment: How It Really Works for Men and Women – Men and women commit differently. Be able to read the signs your partner or prospective partner is giving you.
  4. Two Kinds of Attraction – Instinctual attraction never makes great relationships. Learn here how to attract the right kind of partner and stop struggling needlessly.
  5. The Sex Deal – Men and women relate to sex differently and often are on different pages. This can affect our relationships in devastating ways. Eliminate the pain and learn the underlying health and relationship benefits of sex. Explore how to make great deals around sex, even if you have different timing and desires.
  6. Feeling Safe – Much of our behavior comes from whether or not we feel safe. Safety for men and women is entirely different. See each other’s behaviors clearly and compassionately and create a powerful foundation of trust.
  7. The 25% Rule – Expecting your partner to complete you is a common problem. It puts too much pressure on the relationship. Create balance that works.
  8. Energy Mastery: The Law of Attraction – Thoughts create your focus, and your focus create the feelings you experience in your relationship. You can learn to distinguish which feelings are beneficial and which are not.
  9. From Criticism to Appreciation – Criticism is the number one killer in relationships. Understanding your partner’s perspective will help you move toward expressing appreciation consistently.
  10. The Platinum Rule of Relationships – The 5 A’s: Attention, Appreciation, Acceptance, Allowing and Affection – These are the foundations of great relationships. Mastering these by exploring what you and your partner need and then consciously delivering them is the Platinum Rule for Relationship Success.
  11. Expressing What You Need: Make Effective Deals – Learn to make deals that not only work but that inspire a win/win experience. Compromise can often lead to overall relationship dissatisfaction.
  12. Fighting Fair – Have a strategy for “fighting fair.” Learn to turn down the heat, work through disagreements and return to the foundation of love.
  13. Bonus Call – Radical Love – Dynamic skills for navigating deep, lasting, enlivening, and co-creative love.

What Clients Have Told Me About Their Experience with the Relationship Navigation System:

“Always great attending your calls, what I love about the tips and techniques you teach is that we can apply them in our daily life. Reading books, magazines or some of the workshops out there, tell you more about what you want to hear not what you can apply. Working with you changed my approach, my opinion about men, it helped me with my dad’s relationship, my colleagues’ relationship and I am so much better at sorting during dating. Working with you was one of the best investments I did in my life. Thank you so much for everything and for always inviting me to attend your calls and to share my stories, experiences, new learnings…” ~ C.S., Lebanon

“I’m so grateful I met you, Kimi, what perfect timing! I’m really enjoying the materials…between your audio cd’s, the workbooks, and the mentoring calls, I feel like I’ve already made big changes and am looking at things from a different perspective.” ~ J.H. Santa Rosa, CA

“We listened to the sex audio together. It was fantastic! You are soooooo talented with these audios. We each had some “ah-ha moments” during the audio.” ~ K.C. & C.C., SF Bay Area

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More on What People Are Saying About the Relationship Navigation Mentoring Calls

“I love the audios. They put so much of what we’ve already heard into such simple and understandable terms. You do a masterful job at communicating your message. I’m so glad I found you.” ~ L. R., Napa

“I really appreciate the way you make it interesting, safe and fun to explore ourselves on these calls. They are far less intimidating and intense than seeing a couples counselor, yet they offer the same opportunities for introspection, clarity and accountability as typical counseling; sometimes more!” ~ Madrone, Seattle

“Kimi Avary coaches with compassion and without judgement for both men and women wanting to improve their relationship. She helped my boyfriend and I move to a deeper level of understanding and communication with tools, experience and insight which has allowed our relationship to continue to expand and grow. I highly recommend Kimi for any couple wanting to take their relationship to the next level.” ~ Nina, Los Angeles

“I love being on the live Relationship Navigation System mentoring calls with Kimi Avary has taught me to stop, pause, and think about how I want to share what’s important to me. It’s so good to get the reminders.” ~ K. Ali, North Carolina

Isn’t it time to start experiencing more Peace, Joy, Love and Harmony than you thought possible???