Got Your Love Bucks™?!

Greetings & Welcome to the signup for my Share the Love™ Love Bucks™ Referral Partner Program

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I’m so excited (and humbled) to have you join me on this journey.

Thank you.

My Love Bucks™ Program is a way for you to recommend my workshops and programs to friends and family & accumulate points that are redeemable against coaching programs and/or workshops that I offer at the same time. 🙂

You may use them yourself, share them with a designated friend/family-member, or donate your them to the Share the Love™ Scholarship Program (in part or in full).

To get started, simply fill out and submit the following form and learn how to begin accumulating Love Bucks™ right away!

Ways to Earn Love Bucks™

Currently, we need help promoting the following programs/events:

My 3rd Annual 2-Day Voraciously Curious Workshop being held on September 7-8th, 2019 in Berkeley California.

Couples, Singles and Partners Flying Solo are all welcome to join the workshop with Ticket Pricing and Love Bucks earning as follows:

  • Single Tickets Sell for $147 (50 Love Bucks)
  • 2-Person Tickets Sell for $247 (100 Love Bucks)

What You Need to Do

After you signup, we will send you more information by email about promoting Voraciously Curious, along with some sample copy & graphics, and your login and password to our Referral Partner back office.

Maybe you will want to login to the back office (there may be more swipe copy & graphics uploaded there).

Or maybe you will want to simply copy-paste from the email(s) we send out.

Either way, you will ALWAYS WANT TO SHARE the unique tracking link we provide to ensure your contacts will be tracked in our system.

Then, as your invitees signup, we will start tracking the Love Bucks you accumulate.

PLEASE NOTE: Love Bucks™ have no cash value and are not convertible to commission monies. Accumulation & redemption options are subject to change depending on the schedule and what we are promoting.  Love Bucks™ are transferable between people and programs. Finally, you will be notified if any unredeemed Love Bucks™ get earmarked (after a reasonable period) to transfer to the Scholarship Program.

How Redeeming Your Love Bucks™ Will Work

Periodically, as your Love Bucks™ accumulate, you will be notified of your balance.

Alternatively, you may login to the Secure Referral Partner back office anytime to view your activity and balance here.

When you are ready to redeem your Love Bucks™, just contact me by email and let me know how you would like to have us distribute them (for yourself, as a gift, or to the Scholarship Fund).

Current Love Bucks™ Redemption Options & Rates include:

  • 100LB:  Voraciously Curious Workshop Ticket (1-person)
  • 200LB: Voraciously Curious Workshop Ticket (2-person)
  • 500LB: VIP Coaching with The REAL Truth
  • 600LB: 3-Month Relationship Navigation Intensive Program
  • 700LB: Navigation Starter Kit

*Subject to change according to supply.

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