Yearning for more Love in your relationship?

What if Love was easier? What if you had the skills to build conscious partnership instead of tripping over landmines in your relationship? What if you could successfully create the Loving and Soulful Relationship you have always wanted?!

I have always said that you can be the most Conscious Person in the world and still get tripped up by misunderstandings in your relationship if you don’t know where your partner is coming from. This is because Conscious Partnerships live in a place beyond our instinctual natures and fears.

  • Conscious Partners relate to each other in ways that work.
  • They know one another’s desires, requirements, needs and wants.
  • They navigate conflict respectfully because they honor the differences between themselves.

Conscious Partners achieve all of these things and more in their relationship because they choose to be curious about one another instead of making assumptions based on the limited perspective of what they think they know about about one another and how relationships are supposed to work.

If you want to Create Conscious Partnership, my Joyful Love Weekend Workshop for Couples, Singles and Solo Partners happening March 28-29th will teach you how to navigate your relationship in ways that work!

You will learn:

♥ The major causes of relationship breakdown
♥ How emasculation and objectification undermine relationships between men and women
♥ Why no one is misbehaving
♥ How to identify and navigate the Masculine and Feminine instinctual dynamic
♥ The Magic of Curiosity and How to Use It!

We will explore:

♥ How women & men are running  different operating systems
♥ How chronic conflicts arise from unconscious/instinctual experiences that can be readily mastered
♥ How Curiosity can change every aspect of your life in very positive ways
♥ Techniques for Balancing Instinct and Consciousness
♥ How to Create and Joyfully Share Your Relationship Vision
♥ How to Take Your Relating Experience to the Quantum Level with the Platinum Rule

“Thank you Kimi!!! We are still going strong and it was your seminar that gave us both a new way of being for each other in our relationship – your work is so important!! ❤️🤗💕” ~ Victoria K, Napa, California

During our time together:

You will find safe space to explore yourself and your situation and become clear about where you are now versus where you want to be in your relationship.

You will begin to SEE your partner with fresh eyes and learn what you can do to nourish and enrich your connection and understanding of one another.

You will begin forging YOUR shift from relationship surviving mode into relationship thriving mode!

You’ll also make new friends!


Tickets for the Joyful Love Weekend Workshop (a $997 value) can be yours today for the Early Bird Price of $147 per single ticket or $247 for a two-person ticket.

I have tried to make Joyful Love affordable because I want you to experience just how powerful Curiosity can be when you super-charge it with simple tools and techniques to consciously recognize and navigate the Masculine and Feminine Instinctual Dynamic at play in your relationship and in your life.

Enroll Here

Join our small intimate group:
With a Partner/Friend/Family Member – $247
Solo/Stag – $147


Your relationship experience matters!

Having a partner or BFF or preferred training buddy to share this stuff with now will skyrocket your success rate over time by providing that super special source of “home support” in your life, but if your partner/friend/family member of choice can’t make it, don’t let that make you hesitate!

You will meet great people and benefit from joining us regardless, I promise!

Isn’t it time to start experiencing more love than you’ve ever thought possible?

I’m holding space for you.

I’m on your side.

I’m always here to support you.

Signup Now to join me at the Joyful Love Weekend Workshop with a PLUS ONE for $247 while supplies last


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It’s happening at the Rudramandir (Main Sanctuary) in Berkeley, California on September 8-9th, 2019.

I look forward to seeing you there!



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Kimi Quote on Co-Creating Great RelationshipsWHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING

Kimi Presenting at the Rudramandir
Kimi @ the Rudramandir Main Sanctuary in Berkeley, California. Photo Credit: Candace Smith.

“Working with Kimi has helped me become more aware of how men operate; how they react to our actions. It gave me tools to practice at home and at work to improve my relationships.” ~ Kathi N., New Orleans

Kimi presenting at the Rudramandir
Kimi @ the Rudramandir Main Sanctuary in Berkeley, California. Photo Credit: Candace Smith.

“What I love about the tips and techniques you teach is that we can apply them in our daily life. Reading books, magazines or some of the workshops out there, tell you more about what you want to hear not what you can apply. Working with you changed my approach, my opinion about men, it helped me with my relationship with my dad, my relationships with colleagues, and I am so much better at sorting during dating. Working with you was one of the best investments I did in my life. Thank you so much for everything and for always inviting me to attend your calls and to share my stories, experiences, new learnings…” ~ Claude S., Lebanon

Kimi presenting at the Rudramandir
Kimi @ the Rudramandir Main Sanctuary in Berkeley, California. Photo Credit: Candace Smith.

“Sean and I had already split up when I met Kimi. I started coaching with her in the Couples 101 for Singles Program. I even recommended it to Sean. So both of us were coaching with her. Within a month we realized that we didn’t want to breakup; we needed a Reboot! We have two little girls and what we really wanted was to make our marriage work. She helped us have difficult conversations about a situation that had killed our relationship. Kimi helped us see that we were both deeply hurt by the situation, and we were able to heal from it. Then the love started flowing again. I can’t even believe it. I’m happy to say that we’re back together and we’re thriving!” ~ H.O. San Diego, California

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