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Setting Your Intention for 2019 and Beyond

Recently I shared a story about how I avoided a heartbreaking family gathering by rallying my creative powers and setting my intention to have the experience I wanted.

(You can read the full account here in case you missed it.)

Now that holiday bustle has passed, and we’re delving into 2019 in earnest, I thought a re-share of my tips for creating the experiences you want in love and life might be in order…


Know that you have a choice about every experience that comes your way.

Creating Meaningful ConnectionsIt may take a few minutes to orient yourself so you can make the best of challenging situations as they come up, but you can do it.

You always have choice.

I invite you to take some quiet time and set your intention on what you want to experience instead of what you don’t want (for the day, the week, the month, or all of 2019!:)

Even if things have been a bit rocky, you can give yourself a time out, breathe and focus on what you want to experience instead.

When you get the image, imagine being inside of that desired image – imagine feeling, seeing, and hearing what it’s like to be fully experiencing it the way you want it to be.

Things will start to turn around and move in the direction of what you desire. Especially when you’re FEELING THE GOOD FEELINGS that you desire. They become like a magnet drawing the experience you want into your life.

You are a powerful creator.

Remember to love the ones you’re with… even if it’s just yourself.

And that in every moment you can set a new intention and make the best of whatever is coming your way…



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