1-Day Relationship Navigation Secrets for Successful Women Workshop Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 in Oakland

What would it be like if you could clear the past and create the relationship experience you truly desire?

Take a minute or two to really think about it and relish the thought because I want to see you get there!

My 1-Day Relationship Navigation Secrets for Successful Women happening Saturday, June 2nd in Oakland is designed to share critical tools that turn relating struggles into partnership bliss so that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE THE RELATIONSHIP EXPERIENCE YOU WANT instead of settling for less than you deserve.

During our time together, we will talk about:

  • WHAT WE CAN DO TO BE HEARD and feel healed from past hurts that have been clogging up our connections
  • How to get your needs met and make winning deals in love and life
  • Techniques for using visioning and energy management to attract everything you truly want

1-Day Relationship Navigation Secrets for Successful Women

We will focus on what goes wrong in our interactions (with examples) and What We Can Do to Make it Right and start relating effectively in our personal and professional lives as strong, powerful women!

You will get HANDS-ON practice applying the material to your own situation so that you can gain some clarity and start healing your relationships right away.

No matter where you are in your relationship, you will benefit from learning how to communicate consciously with your partner instead of cycling through patterns of unnecessary conflict and hurt.

If this sounds good to you, click the ENROLL NOW button to go to my secure shopping cart and reserve your seat now for $97 so that you can join me on June 2nd at Kokoro Clinic in Oakland from 10am – 4pm to start creating the relationship experience you DESIRE!

Enroll Here

What People Say about Working with Kimi

“Kimi presents her unique perspective on the challenges men and women face when trying to communicate with each other. Our inherent bias prevents us from being curious about the opposite sex which makes co-creating amazing relationships incredibly challenging without this information. The results of her class has transformed all my relationships to such an extent that I have other women coming to me asking me what my secret is. Join Kimi when she lets you in on the secret!!” ~ Louise S., New Orleans, 2016 Beyond the Glass Ceiling Participant

“When we moved in together, I knew Mark was the one, but three years later, he hadn’t popped the question. I’d even said I didn’t want to move in unless we were headed in that direction. The more upset I was getting the more Mark pulled away, and I was ready to walk away. I was 36 and I wanted a family. That’s when I started working with Kimi. She helped me to find a place in myself where I felt confident instead of depressed about the situation. Mark could see a difference and he asked what I was doing. He was impressed, so he joined the sessions too. What we learned about how different we are helped us learn to bring out the best in each other. She helped us get rid of the baggage we both had and we got on the same page! We got married last year and just had our first baby! I’m so grateful that I met Kimi! I didn’t want to lose Mark!” ~ K.S. Sunnyvale, California, VIP Coaching Client (their second baby is 2 now!)

“It was super helpful to learn ways to ask for my needs, a time to talk, and the practice of the respect factor. Learning how to express what makes me happy instead of expressing what I’m angry about. And learning sacred listening for men, so I can hear the depth I crave. I’m definitely going to pay attention to the men I’m dating and see if they are able to provide what I need in a relationship before I go deeper.” ~ August 2017 Voraciously Curious with Kimi Avary Participant

When you realize you have something you need to be healed and when you’re ready to be healed to stop being jaded about relationships with men, women, yourself even – sign up for a retreat with Kimi. You will walk away with a smile that will last at least a week and longer if you continue this journey with her. ~ Yuan F., Richmond, California, October 2017 Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat Participant

“I can honestly say that you have changed my complete outlook on life through teaching me empathy. I’ve learned to understand other peoples point of view something that was completely foreign to me before. Your sessions have helped heal our relationship and now my partner and I are in the process of a new beginning. After 20 years we now see that there is another enlightened path for us to take in life. We truly feel are lives are changed. Kind regards” ~ R Stevens, England, VIP Coaching Client


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