1-Day Relationship Navigation Secrets for Men and Women Workshop Saturday, June 30th in Oakland

Does it ever feel like a struggle to get your partner’s attention?

  • Like you’re not being taken seriously?
  • Like your partner is trying to rock the boat?
  • Or maybe it’s hard to get things done because you keep getting interrupted?
  • And you just can’t seem to make your partner happy when it matters most?

These feelings create LITTLE hurts and conflict when we miscommunicate with each other in relationships, and unless they are addressed, these little hurts can build up over time to undermine your Love, Happiness and Commitment.

But what if your partner isn’t trying to hurt you? What if there are easy things you can do to communicate with each other effectively? What if you can FEEL HEARD and appreciated every time you interact?!

1-Day Relationship Navigation Secrets for Couples and Singles

My 1-Day Relationship Navigation Secrets for Men and Women, Singles and Couples Intensive Workshop will help you to address these issues in your relationship and beyond so that you can enjoy your interactions and stop feeling drained by them.

During our time together, I will address three primary problems that trip us up in communicating consciously with one another, including:

  • What makes us upset in communicating
  • Why nobody is in trouble (even when it feels otherwise!)
  • WHAT WE CAN DO TO BE HEARD and feel healed from past hurts that have been clogging up our connections with one another

We will focus on what goes wrong (with examples) and What You Can Do to Make it Right and Create the Space for Love to THRIVE!

You will get HANDS-ON practice applying the material to your own situation so that you can gain some clarity and start healing your relationship right away.

No matter where you are in your relationship, you will benefit from learning how to communicate consciously with your partner instead of cycling through patterns of unnecessary conflict and hurt.

Isn’t it time to start experiencing more love than you’ve ever thought possible?

Signup for Relationship Navigation Secrets for Men and Women, Singles and Couples right now to get started on your journey to love, peace and mutual understanding in your relationship.


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What People are Saying about working with Kimi:

“Take it! It will give you insights that you normally would not get about being in relationship.” ~ Amanda D., San Francisco, California
“It is an investment in creating a more dynamic, fulfilling, and loving relationship.” ~ David H., Utah
“Fascinating info to explain men and women & their differences. (Unlike any other “typical” John Gray info. :)) ~ K. Hall, Utah
“I learned a lot about myself. I learned how to talk with my partner so he can understand me and help me get my needs met.” ~ Adriana S., San Jose, California
“Worth going to.” ~ Franck B., Palo Alto, California
“Kimi pours her whole heart into helping couples communicate in a way that heals past misunderstandings and give you the tools to create and sustain lasting love. She is an angel!” ~ Lynn K., Palo Alto, California
“Great practice and way to open up communication.” ~ Patrick M., San Francisco, California
“Healing way to care for myself and help me be healthier in future relationships. Kimi is a knowledgable coach and gentle soul who facilitates conversations and nurtures partnerships.” ~ Linda S., Alameda, California


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