Do you feel like you’re headed for the Iceberg of Divorce or Breakup? And yearning longingly for a change in course?

Learn how to navigate your differences in ways that work and PREVENT divorce or break-up in 90 days (or less!)If you’re experiencing relationship difficulties, you have arrived at a safe harbor.

I know how painful and frustrating it can be to try hard to create the relationship you want in your life, and end up feeling like everything you do just makes things worse.

You feel like you and your spouse are at an impasse and breakup or divorce are on the table. You’re fighting. Your feelings are hurt. You see things falling apart and you have no idea how to turn things around.

You feel more alone in your relationship than outside of it… but the idea of another breakup or divorce makes your heart ache.

Maybe you feel hopeless.

Perhaps it feels like your dreams are disappearing before your eyes, and you’re sinking in freezing water, and you can’t get out.

What if there is a way to turn things around that you just don’t know about?

What if there is something that you can do to save your relationship?

What if you can not only turn your relationship around, but also reinforce it so your relationship can weather any storm?

You may have noticed that a relationship with the opposite sex, while fun and desirable, can be filled with misunderstandings. Although sometimes a big whammy can throw your relationship into a tailspin, often it’s little hurts that build up over time that dump you out of the tree of love.

Men and women just don’t see eye to eye about many things. We have to learn about our partner’s perspective so that we can navigate the world with them instead of battling them.

The truth is that men and women are so different that we’d be better off if we actually spoke different languages, because then we wouldn’t think we were communicating.

I specialize in helping Conscious Couples experience love, right here, right now, in any situation, through healing your hurts and hearts, getting clarity on what you both truly desire, and living your lives in love.

With the right tools and skills to help you navigate the differences between men and women you can create a successful, life-long partnership built on love, harmony and respect.

That’s why I created the 90 Day Relationship Reboot Programs to help you get your relationship back on track and Consciously co-create the genuine partnership you’ve been missing. The program includes, coaching, education and mentoring for your marriage success. (Ideally this program is entered together, but you can “fly solo” and get great results.)

Here’s what some happy couples have to say:

“Sean and I had already split up when I met Kimi. I started coaching with her in the Couples 101 for Singles Program. I even recommended it to Sean. So both of us were coaching with her. Within a month we realized that we didn’t want to breakup; we needed a Reboot! We have two little girls and what we really wanted was to make our marriage work. She helped us have difficult conversations about a situation that had killed our relationship. Kimi helped us see that we were both deeply hurt by the situation, and we were able to heal from it. Then the love started flowing again. I can’t even believe it. I’m happy to say that we’re back together and we’re thriving!” ~ H.O. San Diego, California

“I can honestly say that you have changed my complete outlook on life through teaching me empathy I’ve learnt to understand other peoples point of view something that was completely foreign to me before.
Your sessions have helped heal our relationship and now my partner and I are in the process of a new beginning.After 20 years we now see that there is another enlightened path for us to take in life.
We truly feel are lives are changed.
Kind regards” ~ R Stevens, England

To get started, sign-up for your Complimentary Relationship Breakthrough Session and learn what the 90 Day Relationship Reboot can do for you!

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