90 Day Marriage Year One

You’re in love. You’ve said “I do.” You’ve had the beautiful wedding with the flowers, the dinners, the perfect everything…

90 Day Marriage Year One

Now you should be living “Happily Ever After,” but something is wrong, and you can’t quite put your finger on it. You can feel it in your gut.

The sweetness is fading and the stark reality is hitting you. YOU’RE MARRIED! Not only are you married, but it’s supposed to last a lifetime, and the way things are going, you’re wondering if you can make it through the first year.

Once the realities of marriage set in couples are often stunned, ashamed, and discouraged.

It’s where every fear you’ve ever had rears it’s ugly head. It’s where things you thought were cute about your partner at one time turn into frustrations.

You might be wondering where you went wrong.

This doesn’t mean that you’re destined to get divorced, it just means that you haven’t found the right tools to make a marriage work.

You need to prepare by learning about the instinctual differences between men and women and learning to navigate those differences.

If you don’t, you’ll experience power struggles over everything, from where to live, what to spend money on, what to eat, who cleans the house, who cooks, who does laundry, how much time do you spend with in-laws, merging families, etc.

And what’s tragic is that most of the arguing and fights come from misunderstandings about how masculine and feminine energies operate in your relationship.

Men and women just don’t see eye to eye about many things. We have to learn about our partner’s perspective so that we can navigate the world with them instead of battling them.

Marriage is “where the rubber hits the road” so to speak. It takes more than love. It takes more than commitment. It takes the right information so that you can learn to live with someone and merge your life together.

Unfortunately, better communication skills don’t keep the divorce statistics from rising.

It’s difficult to assess the true divorce rates because so many factors are involved, but there’s a 40% chance that first marriages will fail, and while percentages differs slightly (depending on the source), 60 to 67 percent of second marriages fail, and 70 to 73 percent of third marriages end on the rocks.

Add to that the failure rate of couples therapy is over 50%!

You must understand how your partner sees the world differently than you do, and you must learn to navigate those differences or you’ll be like so many people who leave their marriage in disillusionment.

You don’t want to go down that path. You don’t want to be another statistic.

Whether this is your first marriage or your 4th, I work from a strong belief that you can Consciously co-create a great marriage that is a win/win for both of you when you have the right foundation and skills to make it work.

That’s why I created the 90 Day Marriage Year One Program to help you make relationship choices that work for both of you. The program includes, coaching, education and mentoring for your marriage success. (Ideally this program is entered together, but you can “fly solo” and get great results.)

Here’s what one happy couple has to say:

“The love of my life and I got married in January and by March we were fighting so horribly and so much that I was getting ready to walk away. I’d been married twice before and I didn’t want that. I couldn’t imagine losing my soulmate, but the things we were saying to each other was unbearable. My friend referred me to Kimi, and I started working with her immediately. I had to know how to make it work. I started understanding how men operate and the coaching helped me learn to work with his energy. I also worked on me. I had to learn not be critical of him for showing me sides of him that I didn’t like. I’ve learned that criticism NEVER works in relationships. Instead I started asking for what I wanted. It’s been amazing! We made it through the first year and it’s getting better every day! I can’t thank you enough.” ~ S.E. Tucson, Arizona

To get started, sign-up for your Complimentary Relationship Breakthrough Session and learn what the 90 Day Marriage Year One Program can do for you!