Did you know that all the communication training in the world won’t impact your experience with the opposite sex if you don’t understand where they are coming from?

Have you ever been frustrated by something your partner said? Or what they didn’t say?

Have you ever thought your partner was deliberately not telling you the whole truth?

Have you ever asked a question of your partner and he answered in one word, and you found yourself asking more and more questions. The more you asked, the more irritated your partner became. The more irritated he became, the more you wondered if he actually cared about you and felt more hurt?

Have you ever wondered if the woman you were talking to would ever get to the point? She was rambling on and on, on all kinds of topics, and you found yourself mentally checking out of the monologue?

Have you ever thought that men were emotionally unavailable?

Have you ever thought that women were emotionally indulgent?

Are you ready to get clarity in your communication with the opposite sex and create the harmony you truly desire in your relationship?

Demystifying your communication experience with the opposite sex is what The REAL Truth About Successful Communication Between Men and Women is about. It will immediately ease the tension in your relationship.

The REAL Truth About Successful Communication Between Men and Women 4-Part Audio Series

What you’ll learn in The REAL Truth:

  • How men and women miscommunicate ALL THE TIME
  • How men naturally conceal and women naturally reveal information and how this causes deep hurts in relationships.
  • Why men trust themselves more than they trust anyone else.
  • Why women are influenced by the other people.
  • How men and women relate to questions differently.
  • Why she asks so many questions.
  • Why he hates to ask questions.
  • How men and women speak differently
  • How men and women listen differently
  • How we can bring out the best in our partner
  • Why the “fix if” model of communication breaks relationships
  • How to get the kind of listening you need
  • How you can become a master of communication in your relationship
  • How to have conversations with your partner that are enjoyable and work
  • How to create the space for deep communication to happen anytime, anywhere
  • What Sacred listening is and how to use it in your relationship

What Women say:

“I thought that men were shallow, which couldn’t be further from the truth. When I use the listening techniques Kimi taught me, I feel the connection that I crave. Hearing my (now) husband tell me that, ‘he’s never told anyone that before,’ means the world to me. I don’t know how I survived without this information!” ~ D.F. San Francisco, California

“I use this information every single day in my relationship. I used to get upset a lot of the time, and now I know what’s happening with my husband and I don’t take it personally.” ~ L.W., Idaho

What men say:

“My wife and I listened to this recording 7 times. It puts so much of what we’ve already heard into such simple and understandable terms. You do a masterful job at communicating your message. I’m so glad I found you.” ~ K.C., East Bay Area

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