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Clear the Past and Open Yourself to Love!
2017 Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat
October 20th-22nd at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, CA

Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat

Join Relationship Navigation Specialist, Kimi Avary for a journey of personal transformation, pampering and putting attention on what is possible for YOUR RELATIONSHIP!

During our special time together, you will…

♥  Heal past hurts that have been keeping you stuck in old patterns
♥  See your relationship experience with fresh eyes
♥  Begin integrating keys to the foundation of a healthy relationship right away

Happy Couples

We will spend quality time together:

♥  Book-ending traumatic relationships and recovering the jewels that have been covered up by hurt feelings
♥  Peeling back your beliefs so that you can become open to seeing other person as a unique and distinct individual
♥  Diving deeply into the content of the relationship navigation system and applying what you learn as we go, so that you can walk away feeling refreshed, hopeful, and renewed.

Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat

Best of All,

You will leave behind your busy life and step into the wonder and beauty of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Here you will reconnect with your personal power, hear your inner wisdom, and release any constraints on your capacity to love. 

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Your Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat Amenities include:

♥ VIP Welcome reception on our first evening together
♥ Gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring fresh, homemade, seasonal cuisine prepared using local and sustainably-sourced ingredients (vegan, omnivore, gluten-free, lactose-free)
♥ Nurturing environment where you can unplug from your daily life and deepen your connection with yourself while exploring the Sanctuary, Labyrinth and 4+ miles of woodland trails along Carbonera Creek on the 75-acre 1440 Multiversity Campus located in the Santa Cruz Hills
♥ Daily meditation and yoga classes, non-ticketed evening events, Wi-Fi, and use of the Fitness Center (included in room rates)
♥ Access to the Healing Arts Center and its menu of integrative bodywork treatments, including massage, energy work and other healing modalities
♥ Relaxation and mingling opportunities provided by the commons area during breaks (includes shopping and Common Grounds Cafe with indoor and outdoor seating)

Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat

And that’s not all…

There will be a few more VIP surprises planned, those will be shared with you when you join us.

Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat

Take time for YOU…

Time to nurture and nourish yourself in this tranquil and healing environment, while we clear the past, identify your requirements, needs and wants and explore all of the love that is possible for your relationship and your life.

This EXCLUSIVE EVENT PROMISES to be an AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, REJUVENATING and UNFORGETTABLE experience on your journey to the loving, peaceful and harmonious relationship you deserve.

Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat


Kimi Avary, Relationship Navigation Specialist I am so excited to invite you to our very special Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat. My clients have been requesting in-person training for years, and I listened because the healing I facilitate and tools I provide for navigating relationships roots deeply through focused training and guided practice.

The secret is nurturing relationship success from the inside out.

Imagine what it would be like if your intimate relationship experience was entered into consciously and intentionally – whether for a moment or a lifetime – with each moment giving you an opportunity to choose how to participate in each experience, instead of being controlled by unconscious triggers from hurts built up in the past. The problem is that if your past hurts and frustrations are haunting you, you don’t have room to be present with yourself to create the relationship you desire.

Together we will tease out and consciously clear these past hurts so that you can feel light and enlivened and open to put your relationship navigation learning into action and open the doors for a lifetime of love.

I’m committed to bringing you a heart-filled, healing, and transformative experience during our Immersion Retreat time together. You deserve to have a loving, fulfilling relationship.

Be sure to let me know if you want to discuss whether the Relationship Navigation Immersion Retreat is a good match for you. Email me and we can schedule a time to talk


Loved perspectives from singles and couples
Happy Couples


Real Eye-Opener that I've been in Masculine Mode

More Happy Couples


H.O., San Diego

V.H. Vancouver, WA

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Special Pricing Applies for a Limited Time

  • Singles or Solo $2,000 (regularly $3,000)*
  • Couples $3,000 (regularly $4,500)*

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* To makes things flexible for you, Immersion Retreat prices exclude the variable room and board rates. Room rates range from $180-$340 per person per night and include meals, activities and other services. You will receive a special link to book accommodations after you have registered for the event. In the meantime, you may click here to review your options at the 1440 Multiversity website.

Claude S., Lebanon

Kimi Avary - Relationship Navigation Specialist

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