Mission Statement

Conscious Couples Network is passionate about transforming the way men and women relate to each other. We provide extraordinary information with which men and women can transform their relationships. We are a safe haven for men and women wanting to create Conscious Relationships that are based on acceptance of our differences, compassion for each other, and appreciation for how the masculine and feminine dynamic enhances our experience. We intend to accomplish this with fun, integrity, intelligence, courage, and in partnership with both the masculine and feminine forms of power. Our mission is to transform the hearts and minds of 1,000,000 couples in order to create a cascading effect of conscious partnership grounded in love.

1. We celebrate, appreciate, and utilize masculinity and femininity.

2. We are courageous men and women who are committed to having satisfying relationships that are built on a strong foundation.

3. We are curious, open-minded, and willing to adopt a new point-of-view towards men and women.

4. During activities we choose to respect each other’s time for sharing and experience by:

a. Listening without interrupting or judgment.

b. Speaking in I statements and being attentive to time.

5. We are kind to each other and operate from the assumption “Behind every behavior is a positive intention” and make a point of listening for the positive intention.
6. We are conscious about creating and maintaining affinity with each other.

7. We support and encourage participation and leadership in fulfilling our Mission.

8. We are Visionary. What we provide makes a difference for individuals, relationships, families, organizations, communities, and society.

9. We have fun as an integral aspect of our experiences together. We play hard, laugh often, and have a lightness and sense of humor about it all.

To Love!

Kimi Avary
MA, Relationship Navigation Specialist
Founder of Conscious Couples Network

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