90 Day Program Content

Program Content includes:

~ 6 Hours of Targeted Coaching (one hour sessions)
~ 6 Hours of VIP Coaching* (½ Day VIP can be split into two or three sessions to suit content and scheduling needs)
~ The Relationship Navigation System – Educational Audio Series with Action Guides delivered over 6 weeks.
Topics include:

  • Instinct and Spirit and Being at Choice
  • Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energy and How it Impacts Relationships
  • How Men and Women Experience Commitment and Accountability Differently
  • Understanding the Two Kinds of Attraction
  • How Commitment Really Works for Men and Women
  • The Sex Deal
  • What makes Men and Women feel safe
  • The 25% Rule in Relationships
  • Energy Mastery and the Law of Attraction
  • How Criticism Kills Relationships
  • Mastering the 5 A’s in Relationships – Attention, Appreciation, Acceptance, Allowing and Affection
  • How to Get Clear about What You Need and Make Effective Deals
  • Fighting Fair

~ One-Year Membership in the Conscious Couples Network
~ WEEKLY Relationship Navigation Mentoring Calls
~ Conscious Couples Network Meetup Group
~ Program Discounts (including an extended Friends & Family Discount)
+ Custom Content for the 90 Day Relationship Reboot Program

What Will We Work On in the Program?

We will focus on three main aspects:

1. Clearing the Path (Finding strategies that work for you): The first aspect is to find strategies for relationship success that work for you both. We will look at situations from each of your lives and past relationship that could keep you from being successful in marriage. I will support you in Clearing the Path by targeting and eliminating what hasn’t worked so you can reboot your relationship. We will explore how you interact with each other and fine tune it so that you are prepared to be the partners you want to be for each other. The life and experiences you are currently living are the perfect ground for exploration and growth. There is no right or wrong, only what works for you or what doesn’t work. We will explore your beliefs about relationships, whether or not they serve you, and customize strategies for you to improve your experience and pave the way for a successful marriage.

2. Becoming the Magnet (Tapping into your inner wisdom to create the relationship you want): The second aspect is to help you both Become the Magnet for what you truly want in your marriage and life experience. We will explore what each of you want and need so that you can become clear about your requirements and learn how to express them safely to each other. We will look at each of your individual life purposes, life visions and utilize your inner wisdom in order to set a strong foundation for your life as individuals and create a strong “We” space in your marriage. You are the greatest expert on your own relationship and life. I will support you in getting in touch with that expert, your own inner coach. That part of you knows exactly what you want, and gives each of you clues every day about what to do next so that you can take the right actions to create the marriage you both truly desire.

3. Being the Lighthouse (Supporting you in Living Your Life in Love): Living Your Life in Love in an ongoing way will ensure that you are like a Lighthouse attracting to you the relationship experience and life you both desire. By being the lighthouse, and paying attention to the clues life is giving you, your radiant energy will expand the love in your relationship, and you’ll become a magnet to people, things and situations that will enhance your marriage and your life. Your intuition and trust in yourself will dramatically improve your decision-making, timing and results. Your relationship, work and your life will become a very enjoyable and continuous treasure hunt in partnership.