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The REAL Truth About Successful Communication Between Men and Women Audio and Workbook

The REAL Truth about Successful Communication between Men and Women
Did you know that all the communication training in the world won’t impact your experience with the opposite sex if you don’t understand where they’re coming from?

The REAL Truth Audio and Workbook will demystify your communication experience with the opposite sex so that you can start having interactions that are effective and enjoyable.

You will learn how men and women mis-communicate ALL THE TIME, how men and women speak differently, how men and women listen differently, why she asks so many questions, why he hates to ask questions, how to become a master of communication in your relationship, how to get the kind of listening you need, and much, much more.

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The Relationship Navigation System

The Relationship Navitation SystemAre you tired of spending your life as a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between wanting to be in a relationship and swearing them off?

The Relationship Navigation System is a comprehensive Educational program that will teach you about the differences between men and women, and how to navigate those differences effectively so that you can get your needs met and build the peaceful, loving and joyous partnership with your Love that you both want.

This powerful learning program includes WEEKLY LIVE mentoring calls that supplement convenient, on-demand relationship training audios and action guides that fit your own pace and lifestyle. You will get feedback from me, and hear how others, men and women like you, are integrating the information. This helps you get the learning into your body so that you can use your new skills!

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90 Day Relationship Reboot Program

Learn how to navigate your differences in ways that work and PREVENT divorce or break-up in 90 days (or less!)Do you ever feel like you’re on the Titanic headed for the iceberg of breakup or divorce? Like everything you do just makes things worse? Like breakup’s on the table and it makes your heart just ache?

What if there is a way to turn things around that you just don’t know about? What if there is something that you can do to save your relationship? What if you can not only turn your relationship around, but also reinforce it so that your relationship can weather any storm?

The 90 Day Relationship Reboot Program is my Platinum grade Coaching package designed to give you all of the right tools and personal support you need to navigate the differences between you and your partner in your relationship so that you can get on the same page, get your needs met, and create the joyous and satisfying partnership you both crave.

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