Partnership Bliss

The weekly Partnership Bliss will be listed here. Click on each link to listen in.

Episode 2 – Releasing Trapped Emotions – Dr. Michelle Peticolas and I explore the impact of suppressing emotions on your relationships. We discuss the function of our body parts and how learning to listen to those areas your body will give you insights and messages from deep within yourself. We talk about how you can use your body to guide help you heal your childhood wounding instead of being influenced by old parental and familial patterns, so you make your relationship choices consciously.

Episode 1 – Envisioning Your Relationship – Listen in to learn how you can free your heart from the cage of sadness, grief, and loss so you can Envision Your Relationship. Kimi guides you through 8 important steps to Envisioning the Love and Life you Truly Desire.

Episode 0 – Rebecca Hall Gruyter, The founder of RHGTV Network welcomes Relationship Navigation Specialist Kimi Avary to the Empowered Voices Channel during this amazing interview. Tune in to get to know Kimi and find out more about the critical tools and essential interviews Partnership Bliss will feature for the purpose of supporting you in navigating your relationship so that you can have BLISSFUL partnerships and thrive in your life!

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