ALL Upcoming Conscious Couples Network Events – Most recent on top 

Creating Conscious Communication – LIVE in Hillsborough, California

March 21, 7-9pm PST

Creating Conscious Communication –        2 hour Virtual Interactive Webinar

March 27, 3-5 pm PST

Relationship Navigation Secrets for Couples – LIVE in Oakland California

March 31, 10am-4pm

Creating Conscious Communication –        2 hour Virtual Interactive Webinar

April 4, 5-7 pm PST

Creating Conscious Communication –        2 hour Virtual Interactive Webinar

April 10

Relationship Navigation Secrets for Women – LIVE in Oakland California

April 14, 10am-4pm

How to Successfully Navigate Love in the Modern World – LIVE at the New Living Expo – Click here to get your tickets

April 28th, 2-3pm PST

New Living Expo Panel – Love in the 21st Century with Destin Gerek – Invited John Gray, Marianne Williamson and Caroline Myss – Click here to get your tickets

April 29th, noon- 1pm

Voraciously Curious Weekend LIVE in Berkeley California – Click here to learn more

August 11-12, 2018 10-5 pm both days


Relationship Navigation Intimacy Immersion Retreat

1440 Multiversity
Scotts Valley, CA

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From Parenting Pain to Parenting Peace Telesummit

Launches October 21st

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Transformation and Success Workshop

October 16, 10-5pm.

Being a woman in the business world, from entrepreneurship, to startup, to corporate giant, is filled with excitement, intense focus, and the promise of great reward. BUT relating with the opposite sex can feel frustrating, disappointing, and can ultimately undermine your self worth and feed your inner critic.

The dissatisfaction you encounter from battling your inner critic often leads to low energy and poor results. Because your relationships are the foundation of everything you do, it’s essential that you know how to successfully navigate them, especially in challenging times.

If your professional and personal relationships aren’t going well you could be completely derailed before you can achieve your dreams.

Are you ready to remove the roadblocks to achieving your dreams and creating the career you truly desire?

You will learn: 
* How assumptions undermine your success
* How seeing men and women as the same gets us into trouble
* The magic of curiosity
1172 Castro Street
Mountain View, California

Own and Rock your Brilliance

Saturday, October 14th
10am – 3pm Pacific

Sacramento CA

I am honored and super excited to be one of the amazing speakers for the Own and Rock Your Brilliance Empowerment & Business Summit, Soar to a New Height. Seats are limited. Jump in and register early at today! This is a huge connection factor for you and I. Nice to have you ATTEND with me. This amazing event is an opportunity to connect and learn how to live a life of impact, embrace, and attract abundance. Come on and get connected with other people of influence, network, and walk out with Practical information to soar to a new height.

Click here for more details

How to Heal Your Past Hurts and Open your Heart to Love

Thursday, October 5th
7:30pm Pacific (10:30pm Eastern)

Length: 60 minutes or more

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